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Larson's Language Center has offered English and foreign Language Courses for Adults and Children, Immersion Programs, as well as Translation and Interpretation services to Northwest Arkansas since 2000.

Larson’s Language Center offers private or group language lessons year round including the bilingual preschool "Amiguitos", after school Spanish programs "Club de Chicos" in Rogers and Bentonville, and adult Business Conversational Spanish classes.

Larson’s Language Center programs use the "Natural Learning Method". This is an effective method, proven by linguistic research, which takes advantage of the natural human ability for language acquisition. Our students learn another language in the same way that they learned their first language - by listening and repetition.

Our language programs are taught by qualified instructors, and produce excellent, professional results... as well as being fun!

Our Mission Statement
To break the barriers between cultural, linguistic, and ethnic groups through education and the facilitation of communication, producing greater awareness, cultural sensitivity and productivity.

The Language Advantage
Learn more about the benefits of learning a different language.
The Language Advantage

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I understand the many cognitive benefits of learning a second language at an early age. So, when we had to leave our wonderful Spanish preschool in Texas and move to Fort Smith, I was concerned that my youngest daughter might miss out on the opportunity to continue becoming bilingual. I am thrilled that we discovered the “Amiguitos” program at Larson's Language Center. I was immediately impressed by its cheerful, clean, and well-organized classrooms. My daughter is now learning more Spanish than ever before, and most importantly, she loves her school and her teachers. She only attends twice a week, but she wakes up every morning asking if she can go to her Spanish preschool. I feel very fortunate to have found this school for her and think it is certainly worth the commute from Fort Smith to take advantage of such a wonderful learning opportunity.

Ambria O'Daniel
De común acuerdo - by mutual agreement

Lo hicieron de común acuerdo. They did it by mutual agreement.

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